intolerant.me is all about you. and your food intolerances as well as allergies.
because everyone’s different. but don’t worry: we gut you!

it’s a platform for inspiration, information and interaction.


we share recommendations for all of these. PLACES are restaurants, cafés, takeaways, shops – so everywhere you can get a good meal. in addition to that you might find PRODUCTS helpful. this shows you all the amazing things that are out there for us. and if you like cooking for example, PLATES will bring the inspiration to your table. it’s mostly recipes that are shared by bloggers and other intolerants.

this is also where you come in: use #meapproved whenever you want to recommend something to the rest of our free from community.

so now you know what’s in it for you.

but who are we?

we are pam & ANGI. you could almost call us the intolerant couple. pam is allergic to peanuts and ANGI has been having digestive issues for a couple of years now.

the food topic has always been a complicated one for us. but especially in the past year when we were travelling. asia was quite hard on us. it sometimes felt like everything is trying to kill us. either there were peanuts around or everything was full of onion and garlic. but as you know, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

so we’re now stronger than ever.

and what do we want?

AWARENESS: the world around us is getting more and more sensitive to food intolerances, but it’s still not enough. we’d love there to be many more products, places and services out there to support us. that’s why we want to raise awareness. and you can help us with this.

BENEFIT: nowadays anything you need to know about food intolerances and what they do to your body (and everything else in life) you can find online. but the amount of information is way to huge for one person to handle. that’s why we’re two. we gather up all the little pieces about places, products and plates, curate them and provide you with a summary that we believe is worth checking out.

COMMUNITY: when not feeling great, it’s extra valuable to have someone to talk to who understands you and possibly goes through the same. that’s why we created the FREE FROM COMMUNITY. feel free to join, if you want to be part of a strong community in which members support each other, give advice and share experiences.

so what’s our main goal?

WE WANT TO MAKE LIFE A LITTLE EASIER. for us. for you. for everyone.

in our opinion we should all be able to enjoy life at its fullest. in our world, part of that is to go out and try different food. hence the recommendations for places to visit or products to buy are very valuable to us. and maybe to you too. that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.

but as said above, we’re all different. which means: if there’s anything that would help you, please let us know.

we’re extremely passionate about this project and are happy for new ideas & ways to go.

thanks. and thanks for reading this.